We provide specialized dental services for children & adolescents. As experienced pediatric dentists, we focus on preventative care to help each of our young patients maintain a healthy, beautiful smile!

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  • "Great Staff, clean office, couldn't have asked for anything else!"

  • "This place is amazing! The doctors truly care about kids."

  • "This place is amazing! The doctors truly care about kids."

Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Raf and Dr. Rupin have developed and nurtured a long-term partnership with both Mount Sinai Hospital and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital to provide pediatric hospital dentistry for children who require such care.

Our dentists also work closely with the pediatricians in our area to provide comprehensive holistic care to the children of our community. These unique and valuable relationships mean that your child receives exceptional care at all levels. Communication, commitment, and partnerships between doctors and dentists ensure that your child gets the type of care they need to stay healthy.

When Hospital Dentistry Is Necessary

For some patients, traditional dental office dentistry is not a feasible option. Hospital dentistry provides a comfortable, efficient alternative for those patients. After an initial consultation with you, the parent, we can design a treatment plan to make the most out of your child’s visit to the hospital. We can complete large treatment plans in a short period of time for those patients who have some catching up to do.

Some cases requiring the need for pediatric hospital dentistry:

Patients with impaired physical or mental conditions – Certain conditions make regular trips to the dentist difficult. If your child has special needs, we can accommodate them comfortably in the hospital setting. This allows us to address conditions such as cleanings, extractions, fillings, and comprehensive exams more efficiently and without stress to your little one.

Patients who are medically compromised – Some patients cannot leave the hospital setting for care and require the attention of both a doctor and a dentist. Dr. Raf and Dr. Rupin have additional training in the hospital setting and work closely with doctors to provide exceptional care, often in tandem with their other medical treatments.

This opportunity can reduce stress, anxiety, and physical risk for both patient and parent!

Complex treatment – If your child is very young and requires extensive treatment, hospital dentistry can allow our dentists to complete whole treatment plans in a short period of time. Young children or kids who cannot cooperate or sit still sometimes need this additional care to restore their oral health. We use the same care, attention to detail, and compassion they would receive in our private office, but in a hospital where additional support systems are in place.

Hospital Sedation

When children with special physical or mental needs require dentistry, the presence of an anesthesiologist in a hospital setting can monitor and deliver the precise sedation levels required for your child’s care. This ensures a comfortable and stress-free option for those kids who need it most.

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